Currently working as location independent Art Director and Developer.
Before I worked as CD at 20steps. Beside working for awesome clients, I build something new for mobile, a platform for photography and a small website service. Also I'll be part of the_bridge - a new location independent digital agency with a different concept for killing the overhead. Not a while ago, the new portfolio and shop for the art duo Low Bros launched - awarded at the FDI.

What I do? I code and design websites, small shops, platforms and mobile apps. Within the_bridge we do much more: Video and photo production, seo, consulting, social media,... - got something for us?

In the past I worked for several different clients like Warsteiner, ZDF, GASAG, ProSieben, Teufel, Frauenhofer Institut, Rat für Nachhaltige Enwicklung, Kestnergesellschaft, Papayer/number26, Creditreform,...

Stalk me on linkedin or drop me a mail.