Maison Hēroïne

Online shop for premium handbags.


Maison Hēroïne


Design & Development


2019 - 2020

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Maison Heroine is a successful luxury handbag brand from Berlin. They produce high-quality leather handbags and accessories for the modern businesswoman.

When they planned a big shop relaunch back in 2019, they got me on board. I was in charge of moving the multilingual WooCommerce shop into Shopify. Mainly, WooCommerce was not suitable anymore as a backend, as they have had reached too many products, but they also wanted to optimize the design, conversion, and speed of the current shop.

I got hired to help them coordinating and developing the relaunch with all third party companies involved: International developers, marketing agencies and the team itself. I set up a proper dev environment, did code reviews and made sure that the creative visions of the team became reality. Further, I have created new designs and supported them on their existing ideas.

After successfully launching the shop with a new revamped design, I kept optimizing and developing new features for it. I have set up a proper tracking to be able to A/B test. Through analyzing that data, I created UX reports to keep improving the current consumer experience.