P2P payment app for friends.


Wavy by Klarna


Head of Design



Wavy (owned by Klarna) is a P2P payment app targeting a young audience with the goal to create a cashless society. It has been available in all EU countries on three different platforms: iOS, Android, and web.

Being the Head of Design, I was leading a team of designers to create the brand itself as well as the full user experience on all platforms starting on a white piece of paper.

I introduced version controlling and a design system to gain speed and to be more consistent throughout the user experience.

Through fast prototyping and the freedom of testing features early on real users, we iterated fast within a design-driven work environment on new features like:
– P2P functionality supporting payment links, group payments, GIFs and public profiles
– In-store payments through QR codes
– Wavy X (bill splitting API): integration with the popular App “Splitwise”

With a data-driven mindset, my team and I constantly tried to improve the user experience of existing flows. We organized user testings and tested the app on real events (Student sport events, flea markets, etc.) where one could only pay with Wavy, cashless.

Besides working on the product itself, I also supported the marketing efforts with content production in print, video, social media and more.

Wavy 2.0

In late 2018 we decided to rebrand Wavy, to communicate more clearly that it is a product of Klarna. The reason behind that is Klarna growth and the ability to create future marketing campaigns which would have an impact on both brands. Through user testing we also realized the German users trust Klarna a lot and would rather sign up to Wavy if they would knew that it’s a product of Klarna.

Wavy 2.0 is born.